ReDial: Data Migration

The First World Murmur tries to preserve the game by storing all the memories of the First world Yuno into a gem and consuming but is caught and imprisoned by the Third World Murmur. The Third World Yuno, her parents and Keigo watch in bewilderment. In the Third World, two years after the incident, Yuno has gained a better relationship with her family and is on a summer trip with her friends, whilst Deus is contemplating how to decide a new god. In the Cathedral of Causality, Deus tries to convince Minene to become the next goddess, fearing the Third World will become like the First World, but she declines. Balks is able to contact Deus repeatedly, much to his disdain as he keeps suggesting new game ideas, but is usually sent back before getting to finish. Aru is an observer for Deus and does so without rebellion. Running out of options, Deus contemplates letting the world just end, despite Murmur's protests. The other previous Future Diary Holders lead normal lives. Yuno has become friends with Hinata, Mao and Kosaka. Yomotsu runs a gift shop dedicated to his secret alter ego. Tsubaki tries to get close to Aru, with Reisuke as his detective-in-training. However, Yuno feels like she is forgetting something important. Later one night on July 27th, Yuno hears a voice in her head and is teleported into Deus's realm with a desire to meet someone. With assistance from Minene and later Aru, who has memories of his Second World self, and lack of interference from Deus, Yuno makes it to a central tower and finds the First World Murmur, who had taken on the memories of the First World Yuno before her capture and feels that Yuno deserves to know what she cannot remember. Deus states that the bond between Yuki and Yuno is strong enough to continue in all three separate worlds. As Yuno gains the memories of her other self, she is chosen as the goddess of the Third World, creating a pathway to the Second World and finally reuniting with Yuki. Yuno enters at the point where Yuki's future in his phone changes. Minene, Deus and all three Murmurs watch as the two embrace, with Yuno bringing up Yuki's promise to stargaze with her.

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