Invasion, Mother

This episodes involves the main characters finally completing their goal of conquering the city. The Puchuu Empire is back (again), in full force, and led by their Overlord to once and for all erase the Earth of all life as a payback for the destruction of one of their Motherships and the Tunnel Incident. In a fully armed, firepower-packed parody of Mobile Suit Gundam and the works of Leiji Matsumoto (complete with Puchuu versions of Captain Harlock and Char Aznable), Excel leads Rebel Puchuu forces, led by the Puchuu Rebel captain, in a desperate defense of Earth, resulting in the scenic - and outrageously insane - Puchuu Civil War that, in the end, results in the annihilation of F City, F Prefecture, the colony debris reducing the once tall and prosperous city ACROSS sought to conquer into a wreckaged graveyard of its past glory and life. 

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