Going Too Far

This episode involves deliberately putting so many things too unfit to air on TV (in fact, it's a minute too long to air on TV stations), it had to be released on DVD. This was the moment everything has come to a close end: the ACROSS Five, That Man's former colleagues, are all slain by Nabeshin. Watanabe finally asks Hyatt out on a date. Ilpalazzo at last starts his own rock band. Pedro is shown fully restored to life, visiting Japan with his wife and son. At the end, Hyatt, and soon everyone else, is overcome and swept away with the happiness she sees around her - along with the blood she oozed. Nabeshin goes to attend the marriage of his life, Kumi-Kumi, who finally relented... only to encounter Koshi Rikdo, the one responsible for the conception of this universe, in one last battle. 

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