Den-Noh Coil Filler List

Updated on April 28, 2018

Den-Noh Coil was an anime series that ran from 2007 to 2007. In total 13 episodes of Den-Noh Coil were aired. Den-Noh Coil has no reported filler.

Daikoku is a city that is half real and half internet as augmented reality technology becomes popular. Dennou Coil follows a group of children who use augmented reality glasses to solve mysteries.

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Canon Episodes:1-13

Den-Noh Coil Episode List

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1The Children with GlassesCanon2007-05-12
2COIL Cyber Detective AgencyCanon2007-05-19
3Yuko and YukoCanon2007-05-26
4Daikoku City Heike ClubCanon2007-06-02
5The Metabug Scramble Bus TourCanon2007-06-09
6The Red AutomatonCanon2007-06-16
7In Action!! The COIL Investigation AgencyCanon2007-06-23
8The Summer Festival and a DuelCanon2007-06-30
9Michiko-san from the Other SideCanon2007-07-07
10Kanna's DiaryCanon2007-07-14
11Sunken! Daikoku CityCanon2007-07-21
12Daichi Grows HairCanon2007-07-28
13The Last PlesiosaurCanon2007-08-04

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