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Updated on June 12, 2018

D.Gray-man was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2016. In total 116 episodes of D.Gray-man were aired. With a total of 26 reported filler episodes, D.Gray-man has a moderate filler percentage of 22%.

The Millennium Earl seeks to destroy all humanity using his army of akuma. A boy named Allen Walker uses an ancient substance called Innocence and the help of an organization of other Exorcists to fight against the Millennium Earl.

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Filler Episodes:14-18, 25-27, 29-36, 41-50
Canon Episodes:1-13, 19-24, 28, 37-40, 51-116

D.Gray-man Episode List

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1The Boy Who Hunts AkumaCanon2006-10-03
2The Black OrderCanon2006-10-10
3The Ghost of MaterCanon2006-10-17
4Old Man of the Soil and a Lonely Night's AriaCanon2006-10-24
5Let Me Hear the LullabyCanon2006-10-31
6That Which Calls Forth DisasterCanon2006-11-07
7Tombstone of MemoriesCanon2006-11-14
8The Black Order Annihilation IncidentCanon2006-11-21
9The Rewinding TownCanon2006-11-28
10The Bad Luck Woman's InnocenceCanon2006-12-05
11Miranda Lotto's FeelingsCanon2006-12-12
12And Snow Falls Over the TownCanon2006-12-19
13With the CoatCanon2006-12-26
14The Leaf of RevivalMostly Filler2007-01-09
15Beyond the SnowstormMostly Filler2007-01-16
16Millennium SwordsmanMostly Filler2007-01-23
17Pride of the SwordsmenMostly Filler2007-01-30
18Lenalee's LoveMostly Filler2007-02-06
19Vampire of the Solitary CastleCanon2007-02-13
20Go For It, Exorcists!Canon2007-02-20
21Krory AttacksCanon2007-02-27
22The Truth About EliadeCanon2007-03-06
23The Vampire Whom I LovedCanon2007-03-13
24Krory's New BeginningCanon2007-03-20
25The General's ChainsFiller2007-03-27
26The Beginning of the EndMostly Filler2007-04-03
27My Mentor, General CrossFiller2007-04-10
28Exorcist KroryCanon2007-04-17
29The One Who Sells Souls, Part 1Filler2007-04-24
30The One Who Sells Souls, Part 2Filler2007-05-01
31Lost MirandaFiller2007-05-08
32Mysterious Ghost ShipFiller2007-05-15
33The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 1Filler2007-05-22
34The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 2Filler2007-05-29
35Exorcist Clad in WindFiller2007-06-05
36Shroud of DarknessFiller2007-06-12
37Charity BellCanon2007-06-19
38Froi TiedollCanon2007-06-26
39Silent CoffinsCanon2007-07-03
40Requiem RoseCanon2007-07-10
41A New AssassinFiller2007-07-17
42The Black Cat's TrapsFiller2007-07-24
43The Wandering Stone StatueFiller2007-07-31
44Iron Fan MaidFiller2007-08-07
45Strange MansionFiller2007-08-14
46Illusions in the SnowFiller2007-08-21
47The Crystal GirlFiller2007-08-28
48Wavering AccommodatorFiller2007-09-04
49Lulu Bell's BellFiller2007-09-11
50Feelings of DevotionFiller2007-09-18
51Set Sail, to the EastCanon2007-09-25
53Fallen OneCanon2007-10-09
54The Beginning of the Night of the EndCanon2007-10-16
55A ScreamCanon2007-10-23
57Loss and ReunionCanon2007-11-06
58Asian BranchCanon2007-11-13
59The Road of the PledgedCanon2007-11-20
61Sinking DarknessCanon2007-12-04
62Maiden Who Has Fallen into DarknessCanon2007-12-11
63Ship Stalled, Girl Remains AbsentMostly Canon2007-12-18
64MessageMostly Canon2007-12-25
66Confusion and ImpatienceCanon2008-01-15
67Heading to EdoCanon2008-01-22
70God's ClownCanon2008-02-12
71The Name ChronicledCanon2008-02-19
72Showdown in the CapitalCanon2008-02-26
73Kanda Joins the BattleCanon2008-03-04
74Edo AnnihilatedCanon2008-03-11
75Clown and AugusteCanon2008-03-18
76A Key and Noah's DoorsCanon2008-03-25
77The Skinn Bolic RoomCanon2008-04-01
78Forbidden Skill, Sangen StyleCanon2008-04-08
79Noah's MemoryCanon2008-04-15
80The Twins' TrapsCanon2008-04-22
81Debt CrisisCanon2008-04-29
82Bad GameCanon2008-05-06
83Jasdevi Enters the SceneCanon2008-05-13
84Bloody KroryCanon2008-05-20
85Dark-Colored RhapsodyCanon2008-05-27
86Weak HumansCanon2008-06-03
87Transcendent OneCanon2008-06-10
89Voice of DarknessCanon2008-06-24
90Black CarnivalCanon2008-07-01
92Shadow of the PlayerCanon2008-07-15
95Lamb and DogCanon2008-08-05
96Still the Clock TicksCanon2008-08-12
97Attack on HeadquartersCanon2008-08-19
98The Power of GeneralsCanon2008-08-26
99The Noah of LustCanon2008-09-02
100Level 4Canon2008-09-09
101To the God I Hate So MuchCanon2008-09-16
102The PromiseCanon2008-09-23
103Echoes in the Long MorningCanon2008-09-30
104HALLOW: The FourteenthCanon2016-07-04
105HALLOW: Lonely BoyCanon2016-07-11
106HALLOW: It'll Be Fine If I Wash My FaceCanon2016-07-18
107HALLOW: Blood CrusadeCanon2016-07-25
108HALLOW: Alma KarmaCanon2016-08-01
109HALLOW: friendCanon2016-08-08
110HALLOW: The Truth about a Sterile FlowerCanon2016-08-15
111HALLOW: AwakeningCanon2016-08-22
112HALLOW: Little Good-ByeCanon2016-08-29
113HALLOW: Sinner in DespairCanon2016-09-05
114HALLOW: Hidden OneCanon2016-09-12
115HALLOW: My HomeCanon2016-09-19
116HALLOW: WalkerCanon2016-09-26

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