Ace of Diamond: Act II Filler List

Updated on April 28, 2019

Ace of Diamond: Act II is an ongoing anime series that started in 2019. So far 5 episodes of Ace of Diamond: Act II have been aired. Ace of Diamond: Act II has no reported filler.

The story of Eijun Sawamura and Seido High continues at the National League...

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Manga Canon Episodes:2-3, 5
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:1, 4

Ace of Diamond: Act II Episode List

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1Beyond the DreamMixed Canon/Filler2019-04-02
2I Want To Stand Up SoonManga Canon2019-04-09
3A Great Child of BaseballManga Canon2019-04-16
4The Day It BeganMixed Canon/Filler2019-04-23
5ConfluenceManga Canon2019-04-30

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