Steins;Gate 0 Filler List

Updated on September 27, 2018

Steins;Gate 0 was an anime series that ran from 2018 to 2018. In total 23 episodes of Steins;Gate 0 were aired. Steins;Gate 0 has no reported filler.

Zero takes place starting in November 2010 in the Beta Attractor Field outside of the Steins Gate. It depicts the Rintarou Okabe who had given up on saving Kurisu Makise after his first horrific failed attempt. Caught in despair, Okabe abandons his "Hououin Kyouma" persona and is tormented by flashbacks of Kurisu's death and the incidents of the Alpha world lines. The Labmems are worried about him, and at Mayuri's recommendation he begins treatment at a mental health clinic.

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Canon Episodes:1-23

Steins;Gate 0 Episode List

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1Missing Link of the Annihilator -Absolute Zero- Canon2018-04-12
2Epigraph of the Closed Curve -Closed Epigraph-Canon2018-04-19
3Protocol of the Two Sided Gospel -X-day Protocol-Canon2018-04-26
4Solitude of the Mournful Flow -A Stray Sheep-Canon2018-05-03
5Solitude of the Astigmatism -Entangled Sheep-Canon2018-05-10
6Eclipse of Orbital Ordering -The Orbital Eclipse-Canon2018-05-17
7Eclipse of Vibronic Transition -Vibronic Transition-Canon2018-05-24
8Dual of Antinomy -Antinomic Dual-Canon2018-05-31
9Pandora of Eternal Return -Pandora's Box-Canon2018-06-07
10Pandora of Provable Existence -Forbidden Cubicle-Canon2018-06-14
11Pandora of Forgotten Existence -Sealed Reliquary-Canon2018-06-21
12Mother Goose of Mutual Recursion -Recursive Mother Goose-Canon2018-06-28
13Mother Goose of Diffractive Recitativo -Diffraction Mother Goose-Canon2018-07-05
14Recognition of the Elastic Limit -Presage or Recognize-Canon2018-07-19
15Recognition of the Asymptotic Line -Recognize Asymptote-Canon2018-07-26
16Altair of the Point at Infinity -Vega and Altair-Canon2018-08-02
17Altair of the Hyperbolic Plane -Beltrami Pseudosphere-Canon2018-08-09
18Altair of Translational Symmetry -Translational Symmetry-Canon2018-08-16
19Altair of the Cyclic Coordinate -Time Leap Machine-Canon2018-08-23
20Rinascimento of the Unwavering Promise -Promised Rinascimento-Canon2018-09-06
21Rinascimento of Image Formation -Return of Phoenix-Canon2018-09-13
22Rinascimento of Projection -Project Amadeus-Canon2018-09-20
23Arc Light of the Point at Infinity -Arc-light of the Sky-Canon2018-09-27

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