Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO Filler List

Updated on December 4, 2018

Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO was an anime series that ran from 2018 to 2018. In total 12 episodes of Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO were aired. Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO has no reported filler.

Karen Kohiruimaki is bad at dealing with other people in her life and plays virtual shooter MMO Gun Gale Online as the pink-clad Llen. She eventually meets a player named Pitohui, who pressures her into joining the Battle Royale tournament known as Squad Jam.

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Canon Episodes:1-12

Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO Episode List

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1Squad JamCanon2018-04-08
3Fan LetterCanon2018-04-22
4Death GameCanon2018-04-29
5Leave the Last Battle to MeCanon2018-05-05
6SAO LoserCanon2018-05-20
7Second Squad JamCanon2018-05-27
8Booby TrapCanon2018-06-03
9Ten Minute MassacreCanon2018-06-09
10The Devil's ComebackCanon2018-06-16
11Psycho LlennCanon2018-06-23