Vampire Knight Filler List

Updated on November 17, 2017

Vampire Knight was an anime series that ran from 2008 to 2008. In total 26 episodes of Vampire Knight were aired. Vampire Knight has no reported filler.

Yuki Cross, a student at the Cross Academy, acts as guardian of the Day Class.

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Canon Episodes:1-26

Vampire Knight Episode List

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1Night of VampiresCanon2008-04-07
2Memories of BloodCanon2008-04-14
3The Fang of RepentanceCanon2008-04-21
4Trigger of CondemnationCanon2008-04-27
5Moonlight FestivitiesCanon2008-05-05
6Their ChoicesCanon2008-05-12
7The Scarlet MazeCanon2008-05-19
8Gunshot of SorrowCanon
9Crimson GazeCanon2008-06-02
10The Princess of DarknessCanon2008-06-09
11The Consequence of DesireCanon2008-06-16
12Vow of the PurebloodCanon2008-06-23
13Crimson ChainsCanon2008-06-30
14Burden of Sinners ~Guilty~Canon2008-10-06
15The Eternal Promise ~Paradox~Canon2008-10-13
16The Azure PortraitCanon2008-10-20
17Devil's AwakeningCanon2008-10-27
18The Subordinate's TrapCanon2008-11-03
19The Fake LoversCanon2008-10-10
20The Kiss of ThornsCanon2008-11-17
21Spiraling RecollectionsCanon2008-11-24
22Revival of the Mad EmperorCanon2008-12-01
23Prelude to the BattleCanon2008-12-08
24Two SoulsCanon2008-12-15
25World's EndCanon2008-12-22
26Vampire's KnightCanon2008-12-29

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